Car Cost Calculator

“How much do you want your payments to be?” You have probably heard that line from a car salesman if you have ever been car shopping. But do you know exactly how much money you are paying for that car when the dealer says your payment will be $453.54? With the new Car Calculator application from Bluff City Apps, you will know exactly what you are getting yourself into, and if that is a good deal or not.

For example, let’s take the scenario above, using the Car Calculator I know that the price for my car should be $23,000. I factor in dealer fees, incentives, my trade in if I have one, and loan details, and know my payments should be in the ball park of $400.00 over 60 months at 1.9% interest and $500 down payment. Looks likes that offer from the car dealer is not in line with my expectations. Time to tell him that is about 50.00 too high.

With the abundance of information on the internet regarding trade in values, new car prices, and loan terms, the Car Calculator can help you narrow down your payments before you even go to the dealership. You will know how much your monthly payments should be, including what you think your trade in is worth.

When you are in the dealership, you can plug in your numbers to find hidden fees, if the terms don’t add up, look for those extra fees that may been thrown in.